5 Worst Things You Can Do to a Sofa

don’t want your sofa to be so short-lived

Your sofa might be one of the higher priced furniture at home and since you spent a good sum of money on it, you definitely want it to last as long as possible. The golden rule of sofa is that a low to mid priced sofa should last for around 10 years whilst a higher priced sofa should last for minimally 25 years or more. Unfortunately many people don’t take good care of their sofa and this results in higher priced sofa getting old before their time.


don’t want your sofa to be so short-lived

If you don’t want your sofa to be so short-lived, avoid doing these five things.

1. Sitting on The Same Spot Over and Over

Sitting on The Same Spot Over and Over

When we head for the favourite spot on the sofa, little that we know that we are causing quite a bit of harm to it. Whenever we sit on the same spot, we are crushing the fibers and wearing down the springs underneath. This is the reason why certain spots on the sofa seemed to be softer and sunken than the other. Sit on different parts of the sofa everyday to distribute the weight evenly and prevent one spot from deteriorating faster than the other spots.

2. Sleeping on The Sofa

Sleeping on The Sofa

Likewise, sleeping on the sofa often will sag and deteriorate it because of the prolonged use. Your sofa is designed for sitting, not sleeping. So if you’re settling for a good night’s sleep,opt for your bed instead.

3. Jumping onto It

Jumping onto It

Regardless if it’s you or your kids, it is always a bad idea to jump on the sofa. No matter what the weight is, throwing your weight onto the sofa can damage the frame and causing it to be less supportive and develop squeaks.

4. Not Cleaning Your Sofa Regularly

Not Cleaning Your Sofa Regularly

When you clean your floor daily or weekly, do you do the same to your sofa? Like your floor, your sofa is also exposed to dust, dirt and food crumbs. Although your sofa might not look dirty, it is necessary to cultivate a habit to vacuum and clean your sofa on a regular basis to maintain its cleanliness and hygiene. This way, your sofa can last longer.

5. Not Dealing With Stains Quickly

If something spills on your sofa, you should tackle the mess immediately! The longer the stain sits on your sofa, the tougher it is to get rid of it. Take care of the mess right away or you run the risk of ruining it for good.


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