4 Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes That Everyone Is Making

Waiting Too Long For Stain Removal

Having a carpet at home demands love, care and attention as you don’t want to ruin your beloved carpet. It is common for homeowners to be confused by the various carpet cleaning methods, and end up damaging their carpet. To avoid causing permanent damage to your carpet, here are a few common carpet cleaning mistakes that you should not commit!


1. Waiting Too Long For Stain Removal

Waiting Too Long For Stain Removal

When a spill occurs, you should act on it immediately. Waiting too long allows stains to set in and it is highly likely that the stain will be more tedious to get rid of and it might become permanent. So don’t become victims of procrastination. Also avoid using a coloured cloth to blot the spill as you may risk the dye from the coloured cloth to transfer into the carpet.


2. Too Much Scrubbing or Rubbing

Too Much Scrubbing or Rubbing

If you always have the perception that your carpet will be cleaner after giving it a good scrub, then you’re totally wrong! Scrubbing or rubbing contributes to the wear and tear of the carpet. The action causes damage to the fibres of the carpet especially if you’re using a brush that has hard bristles.


3. Using The Wrong Carpet Cleaner

Using The Wrong Carpet Cleaner

There are a handful of cleaning solutions in the market that contain bleach and other harsh chemicals that will permanently discolour your carpet. Always read the label carefully before usage to prevent disaster from happening. If you are not too sure about the possible outcome of the product, do a spot test on an inconspicuous area or on an unwanted carpet. The last thing you would want is to destroy your carpet when you only want to make it clean.


4. Using Dirty Cleaning Tools To Clean

Using Dirty Cleaning Tools To Clean

Using dirty cleaning tools like a dirty vacuum cleaner will not let you achieve the results that you want as they carry debris and bacteria acquired from the last cleaning session, contributing more dirt to your carpet. You’ll have to make sure that the cleaning tools are clean before you begin.


With proper maintenance, your carpet can last you for a long time. And it contributes to a cleaner and better air quality and environment. Already too late to save your carpet? Contact We Care Carpet at 8201 1864 or hello@wecare-carpet.com with any questions or concerns you might have and we will be more than happy to assist!